Step-by-step guide

Open position

  1. Go to the Farm page.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Click Farm next to the pool of your choice.

  4. Specify the amount of assets you'd like to provide.

  5. Select your desired leverage.

    💡 Higher leverage can bring greater profits, but it also carries greater risk.

  6. Choose which asset you borrow.

    💡 Please keep in mind that if you leverage above 2x, you will have a short on the borrowed asset, meaning your equity value will increase when that asset's price goes down and decrease when the price goes up.

  7. Click Farm and sign the transaction in your wallet.

Axly takes care of everything else:

  • takes loan in your selected asset (if the leverage is greater than 1)

  • converts your supplied and borrowed assets to the right ratio

  • adds liquidity to the pools and stakes LP tokens

  • claim and reinvests farming rewards at the optimal interval.

You can track your farming position in your Portfolio.

Close position

Fow now, you can only close your farming position entirely.

  1. Go to the Portfolio page and switch to the Lending tab.

  2. Click Close next to your farming position.

  3. Select which asset (or both) you'd like to receive.

  4. Review the approximate amount you will receive.

  5. Click Close position and sign the transaction.

We will repay the loan (for leveraged positions) and return the remaining assets to you. You will see the assets in your wallet in the couple of seconds.

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